Lean Office

- Transactional Lean

Lean office needs a different approach to implementation compared to one you would see in a manufacturing or processing company. Experience shows that 5s on an assembly line does not translate directly to a person's workstation in the office. Lean office is not about footprinting the mouse but about discovering ways to delight the customer.

Our experience with call centres, insurance departments, and the financial sector enable us to design a Lean solution that fits your culture and drives performance.

Your customer's needs are our first concern. Once we understand your operational environment, we can transform your process to enhance delivery performance.

There is an immediate emphasis on flow required to provide context for Lean in a transactional environment. With flow, LMR can improve the throughput of your organisation's service, which in turn provides you with more time to look after the customer.

Before you think of outsourcing, call us to see how LMR can help improve your productivity and customer service.