Meeting Sir Richard

What a surreal day! Richard Branson was everything and more than I expected. Our project with Virgin lasted for approximately six months and I hoped that in that time I would get to meet Sir Richard. Who would have thought I would finally meet him on the last day of the project.

Sir Richard was in the hangar filming a commercial and the hangar was inundated with people bustling around making sure things were kept on schedule.

I thought my chances of meeting Sir Richard in person were slim. Our project had been a success and well received by the Virgin Team but I didn't think it would catch the attention of the man at the top. When you think how many issues he must have to deal with my project pales into insignificance. Well, I was happily wrong. Before I knew it Sir Richard was reviewing the Information Centre and asking all the right questions. Then it was my turn and, as you would expect, I could not think of what to say. He must come across this quite a bit because, before I knew it, he was chatting with me and thanking me for the work we had done. For all that comes with being Sir Richard, he still felt that it was important enough to make me feel at ease.

What a great way to end the project. Now for my rock star career...

Malcolm Hall, Lean Coach,
Virgin Atlantic, London