• Aerospace   ( 2 Articles )

    Lean is directly applicable to the aerospace sector whether it is in the military or commercial arena. 9/11 rocked the aerospace industry placing enormous pressures on the commercial sector to change in order to survive. Today, the aerospace sector still faces turbulent times both in the military and commercial sectors. Reduce number of times say ‘sector’ The strong will survive, however, and the companies most likely to make it in this highly competitive market are those that embrace change, becoming flexible enough to meet the demands of the consumer and battle the added costs of security measures, fuel prices and environmental levies. LMR is uniquely placed to guide you through the challenges of adapting to the new reality and to ensure that your company is one of those that come through the crisis fitter, leaner and stronger than they were before.

  • Automotive   ( 4 Articles )

    Toyota, the originator of Lean, is showing the world once again how effective the Toyota Production System can be. Now recognised as the number one producer in the automotive market, Toyota continues to refine and improve upon its business system and is ready to flex with the times. LMR's Lean coaches are well versed in the Toyota Production System and will help you develop and implement a plan to ride the global recession and emerge a stronger player in the market. Whether you are an OEM, a supplier or a dealership, LMR has the experience that counts to reduce costs and generate value in your field.

  • Mining   ( 3 Articles )

    With 6 years of experience in open pit and underground mining across sectors such as gold, iron ore, bauxite, copper and coal, LMR has a proven methodology for the mining industry. With unprecedented results in helping clients meet demand and reduce unit cost, LMR is a market leader in Lean solutions.

  • Healthcare   ( 2 Articles )

    Lord Darzi's report calling for a 'world class NHS that is fair, personal, effective and safe' will come as a welcome relief to most in the NHS, as the patient becomes the central factor in decision making once more. Patient care and patient safety are of paramount importance as they journey through the NHS. In a difficult environment, with parties split over the effectiveness of targets in the NHS to drive productivity, cleanliness and time to care, there is an ever greater need for Lean to support staff in treating patients according to Lord Darzi's vision and achieving significant targets along the way.

  • Manufacturing   ( 4 Articles )

    As the world faces a global recession manufacturing organisations need to tighten their belts like never before. In the developed, industrialised countries, the pressure is ever more acute as share prices tumble and costs rise with the price of oil.

    Lean can provide relief to current pressures and have a direct impact on operating costs by tackling wasteful processes and improving safety, quality and delivery. Performance improvement, or productivity step changes can be gained through the application of Lean principles and rigorous training of leadership - especially those on the front line.

    Times are tough, but there is an answer with Lean to recession proof your bottom line during the tough times ahead. LMR has a capable team ready to support your cost down initiatives with a realistic, timely implementation methodology that brings outstanding results.