Lean & Six Sigma

A combining of strengths or a clash of cultures?

'Lean is quick, engages the workforce but does not solve problems of complexity. Six Sigma provides accuracy, data driven decision making but has an elitist approach.' These are current perceptions in the marketplace but are they true reflections of Lean and Six Sigma?

Both require a change in culture to reach a state of continuous improvement. The question is: by combining the two approaches does it lead to unnecessary confusion in the organisation or an accelerated improvement process?

LMR can guide you through the difficulties that come with a combined programme. LMR have experience of large organisational change and can help you to manage the demands placed on the organisation by Six Sigma and Lean.

LMR can help resolve the internal conflicts of Lean and Six Sigma and ensure both initiatives contribute to Continuous Improvement.

To find out the best course of action for your company, call LMR and arrange a diagnostic.