Corporate Rollout

Going Global with LMR

LMR has developed a lean rollout programme to suit large companies with interests spanning the globe.

Most companies are looking for standardisation of lean in their facilities regardless of location.

A factory in Germany should have the same Lean Production System as the factory in Brazil or China. Sadly, due to cultural differences or company infrastructure this is rarely the case.

LMR, using the Model Plant process, can now help companies leverage the benefits of a standard approach to implementation.


Going Green

Reducing Carbon Emissions with Lean    

In today's world the issue of carbon emissions is moving up the public agenda. In our consumer driven society it seems that we want it all. Goods at lower prices, delivered at our convenience and all without causing harm to the environment.

Can a company make a reasonable profit without harming the environment? The answer is YES. Carbon Emissions can be reduced without having to spend capital on New Technologies. Compliance may require some expenditure, but the application of the Lean tools can reduce carbon emissions significantly.

Sustainable Development is within the grasp of most companies should they wish to try. For advice on reducing your carbon footprint, and introducing recycling techniques, please contact LMR.


JIT - Lean Logistics

Improve the velocity of production and your supply chain. The term JIT has been used in industry for some time. However, the more you investigate the integral parts of the JIT aspect of Lean, the more you realise what a powerful tool this can be for improving your enterprise and supply chain.

LMR has transformed the internal and external logistics systems for automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical companies over the last six years. Benefit from our experience in these sectors and build yourself a nimble supply chain able to cope with today's ever demanding global market.

Our Lean Logistics Model - encompasses the following aspects to make sure you and your supply chain see a performance leap in Stock Turns and throughput of material:

Supply Chain Management System - the continual development of the weakest link in the chain to ensure delivery and shared cost improvements. A comprehensive programme geared towards improving the supply chain as a whole with emphasis upon partnership development for the benefit of all parties.

Level Scheduling - the introduction of the Heijunka principle to smooth demand and optimise capacity both in the OEM and the supply chain.

Pull Systems - to control material flow using a no consumption, no replenishment principle. With min-max levels and a plan for every part, LMR can ensure your material flow is as Lean as possible. This will encompass the rules of Kanban and the application of the appropriate type of card system.

Return packaging - Take care of the environment and improve your packaging costs at the same time.

Milk Runs and X Docking - Optimise the delivery cycles, utilisation of trucks, and reduce warehousing costs with our approach to external logistics.

LMR is ready to help you become a world class enterprise. Our Lean Logistics Model and knowledge of Lean Production makes us a wise choice when implementing an holistic system.


Lean Aircraft Maintenance

Reduce your A Checks and C Checks by 50% without affecting safety or quality.

LMR has six years of experience in Lean Aircraft Maintenance. LMR started with A Checks on Airbus A320s but quickly applied the skill across most of the Boeing and Airbus fleet.

Lean Aircraft Maintenance imnproves throughput in the hangar as well as productivity in the back shops.

Whilst these tools originated in automotive, LMR has now successfully customised and implemented them into three aircraft engineering companies.

To understand how LMR can help you improve your maintenance performance contact LMR.


Lean & Six Sigma

A combining of strengths or a clash of cultures?

'Lean is quick, engages the workforce but does not solve problems of complexity. Six Sigma provides accuracy, data driven decision making but has an elitist approach.' These are current perceptions in the marketplace but are they true reflections of Lean and Six Sigma?

Both require a change in culture to reach a state of continuous improvement. The question is: by combining the two approaches does it lead to unnecessary confusion in the organisation or an accelerated improvement process?

LMR can guide you through the difficulties that come with a combined programme. LMR have experience of large organisational change and can help you to manage the demands placed on the organisation by Six Sigma and Lean.

LMR can help resolve the internal conflicts of Lean and Six Sigma and ensure both initiatives contribute to Continuous Improvement.

To find out the best course of action for your company, call LMR and arrange a diagnostic.

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